Automatic Balers

Automatic Balers

Automatic baling machines where developed to compact materials to a physical size and weight that allows the most efficient method of storage and transportation.

Godswill Automatic Baling Features

  • High density compaction
  • Exclusive auto wire tying system
  • Adjustable bale length
  • Hydraulically adjustable hopper feed opening
  • Auto half stroke
  • Shear force scattering cutter design
  • Product and conveyor hopper sensors
  • Optional fluffer or rotor
  • Optional plastic chopper
  • Anti spring back dogs, to control product spring back
  • User friendly control panel with fault finding codes displayed
  • Six preset product baling modes
  • Trunnion mounted cylinder with rod end spherical ball attachment
  • Four way free floating choke frame assembly, ideal for material changes
  • International CE safety and machinery design certificate

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