Auto Balers Suppliers

Automatic Balers or Auto Balers are supplied and manufactured for compacting cardboard, plastic, paper, foil, cans, and aluminum.
Rowland & Associates are Australian and New Zealand suppliers and service agents for Godswill Automatic Balers and Recycling Equipment. This includes auto balers, cardboard balers, paper balers and recycling equipment. We also import and manufacturer conveyors and associated Equipment.
Our Auto Balers assist in the efficient, safe and solid compaction of waste. We have a range of auto baler models available, for more information, please click on our Auto Balers page. This website will help you determine which auto baler will meet your waste processing and recycling needs, we have a full list of Model features and live demonstrations through our video links of Automatic Balers.

Automatic Baler


Our partners Godswill Paper Machinery Taiwan offer a large range of
baling equipment and other machinery associated with the carton
manufacturing industry.

Rowland and Association and joint partners Godswill Machinery now
confine its operation to supply of baling and associated equipment, we
offer this equipment to, manufacturers of recycling facilities, waste
handling companies and waste collection storage and baling operators.

Godswill auto balers are powerful state of the art machines to manage
the waste and recycling process for cardboard, plastic, paper, foil, cans and